Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Scientists have discovered a fourth strain of cannabis

Cannabis family expands : After sativa , indica and Harodrelis The growing cannabis : After sativa , indica and Harodrelis Australian scientists believe they have discovered a new kind of basic cannabis.

Scientists at the University of Sydney in Australia believe they have discovered a fourth basic strain of cannabis -  in addition sativa , indica , and Rodrelis.
The plant was first discovered in 2010 , when a group of climbers found a single plant reminiscent of cannabis in the Blue Mountains of Australia.
They took with them the discourse, and then contributed to the research laboratory at the University of Sydney, which were carried out several tests determined that it is cannabis.

"When we got the plant first we were very skeptical about his connection to cannabis.
It has a similar growth structure, but the leaves do not look at all like cannabis"  said researcher Christopher Paul.
But test results have shown that this is a new strain of cannabis.
The initial research showed that in contrast to other species is also resistant to freezing temperatures- below 0 ° C.
The structure of the plant is different as well-  he grew up in the form of dialogue, and not in the form of candlestick \ chandelier as other cannabis strains.

Since the story broke, countless cannabis growers from around the world have offered to buy the seeds of the new strain from the University of Sydney, When they offer to pay more than $2,000 for seed.
But according to Paul , "The problem is we don't have yet seeds, We only have one plant.
We tried our best to find another such plant in the region where the first, but we finished all our budget failed attempts", he said.

It easy to see why so many growers are interested in the new stain - Cannabis plant completely resistant to cold opens the door to foreign increase every possible climate around the world.
By pairing the new strain with Indica or Sativa will be possible to create new varieties more resistant to winter damage than ever before, And by pairing with Rodrelis be possible , in theory , make them even automated - and really grow cannabis outdoors in every season regardless of the sun.

But since the discovery of the first plant in 2010, But since the discovery of the first plant in 2010 , many teams of researchers and mountaineers set out to find its other samples, and all returned with empty hands.
Now scientists offer $ 10,000 reward to anyone who will provide information that will help get another one of these strange plants.

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