Saturday, January 24, 2015

A father was arrested for giving his daughter marijuana

An Australian father who gave his two years old daughter who has cancer cannabis oil was arrested at the beginning of this month.
Now people created a petition to release him, for letting him be with his daughter who is in intensive care.
More than 100 thousand people signed on this petition calls for his release.
The father said: the girl's condition improved dramatically after using the oil
However, this week her medical condition has deteriorated and she is now in intensive care under the care of morphine.
The father's arrest took place earlier this month when he gave his daughter Romer Rose Oil marijuana to facilitate the hard symptoms symptoms of advanced stage neuroblastoma cancer from which she suffers.
The little girl has a tumor in length of 11 cm pressing on her spine and makes it difficult for her to function and breathe.
This is one of the most common tumors in children and infants, and in an advanced state, leaving patients in 50% survival.

When he arrested by the police at the hospital where his daughter is treated, the father argued that the marijuana oil, involved with coconut in his daughter's food, made her feel better.
"I did what every father would do", he said.
"Her little body suddenly resurrected, after she had no quality of life in recent times", said the father, "she said to me, 'Dad my stomach does not hurt anymore, and she was able to eat food she couldn't eat before, and even increased weight.
It was a miracle"
The father, who lived apart from her mother, who is the main caregiver of the child, testified that after he began to give his daughter the marijuana oil she wanted to get out a little from her room, and didn't stay in bed like the days when she underwent chemotherapy.
"Her skin color returned, her eyes sparkled again, and we looked at each other in completely amazement", he added.
Now, more than 100 thousand people have signed the petition to free the father, so he can be with his young daughter that is stated in intensive care.
The creators of the petition calling the government ministers to release the father "because it is an inhumane act, and injustice, done to the father only from love for his daughter
They added that, "Medical marijuana became legal in other countries around the world because it has been proven that it helps patients and facilitates the situation with no side effects".
In summary they wrote, "he has his parental right to decide what treatment to give his daughter.
So far, the Facebook page and the petition get a wide sharing on the internet, thousands of dollars were raised to continue the necessary treatment for the little infant.

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